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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 2 July 2018

Fishing Report 2 July 2018.

Weather for the week.


The South wind hit us as a Strong Breeze at 11 m/s from the SSW, rain is forecast this evening, note to self-bring the washing in. Wave height `.4 rising to 2.6 by the evening period 7.

High Tide 05.48 Low tide 11.57


Gentle breeze at 5 m/s from the SSW picking up to 7 m/s in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 18. Wave height 3.5 which will result in a massive side wash and a period of 11.

High Tide 06.21 Low tide 00.17


Light breeze first thing at 3 m/s from the NW then it will swing to the NE still at 3 m/s, sunny skies with a max of 20. Wave height 1.5 period 13.             

High Tide 06.59 Low 00.55


Gentle breeze at 4 m/s from the WSW swinging to a gentle breeze from the SSW at 5 m/s. Sunny skies with a max temp of 20.

High Tide 07.43 Low 01.39


Great news for the Kob anglers because over the weekend Kob were caught at several places in the lagoon, the biggest one that one of my informants told me about was 5 kg but most of the others were around 2-3 kg. Bobby put in a few hrs. at the main car park and they caught a Pike Conger Eel amongst some other species and he did get a pig pull but dropped the fish and I wonder if this is not the same fella who did this to us a few weeks ago.


Was a very quiet weekend on the main beach not even the little sharks were biting mean while Red Boom was boiling with little sharks and amongst them a big Cape Stumpnose of about 2 kg was landed, this was a nice surprise for the angler as we don’t often see them at this time of the year. Still no Garrick, it would be nice for them to make an appearance during the school holidays to make the trip extra special for those who have traveled far to come fish here.

Ski Boat.

Saturday morning at High Point was like a SARS office on month end, one boat lost all their lives to the tax man so they went and got more only to have it happen again so they headed inland and fished the Gerries area with no luck they said the sea was like glass there, not a good sign. Sunday was another good day for bottoms with all the guys reporting nice catches from there various “Secrete spots”.


Next events.

Umlalazi Ski Boat club is planning to hold a Bottom Fishing Competition in August                                                                                                                              , more detail to follow. This is going to happen and the date will be announced as soon as the sponsor is on board.

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