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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report - 30 Jan 2017


Friday and Saturday were 2 tough fishing days due to the wind in the main causing washing machine like conditions, however by Sunday things changed and those that went to the main beach particularly the area in front of the Siyayi River were well rewarded with Snapper Kob and Shad and plenty of small non eds. A baby Grey of 1.1m was landed. There are still a lot of baby Hammer Head Sharks about, normally they gone by Christmas, please treat them with care and release them safely.
Shad of over 50cm are still been caught daily.


As it is a breeding ground for so many species of fish during the day there is plenty of activity from the juveniles but in the evenings the Pick Handle Barracuda make their appearance and its game on Saturday evening saw a angler getting a hiding from what we can assume was a massive skate, both Diamonds and Brown Rays are caught in the lagoon as well as small honeys, what cleaned him up is anyone’s guess. Size Grunter have been sky for awhile 

Ski boat

Last weekend was not very good for fishing due to sea conditions and weather however on Sunday a few attempted to fish with one of the boats going to High Point and landing a nice size Dorado.

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