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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 4 June 2018

Fishing Report 4 June 2018

Weather for the week.


Fresh breeze 10 m/s from the SSW and remain so throughout the day, a max of 16 with rain forecast throughout the day. Wave height 2.8m period 18.

High Tide 06.37 Low 00.32


Moderate breeze throughout the day first from the SW at 6 m/s then swings to a SSW some rain is forecast with a max of 18. Wave height 2.1 period 10.

High Tide 07.20 Low 01.15


Gentle breeze WSW at 4 m/s swinging slightly to a light breeze at 3 m/s from the SW, partly cloudy with a max of 19.

High Tide 08.18 Low 02.12


Light breeze at 2 m/s from the NW swinging around to a light breeze at 3 m/s from the E, sunny all day with a max of 22. Wave height 2.3 period 11.

High Tide 08.44 Low 03.38


Luca won the Kiddies Comp on Saturday, fishing was tough due in part to the lack of water however a Bream of over 30cm was landed, the second big one I have seen in the last few days. The mouth is very wide and deep and we think this is the reason the lagoon is very shallow at low tide. This is also why it is taking so long to fill out in the same time it empties very fast.


Friday night was very good for fishing with a group of guys landing 4 Raggies and a Diamond using Mullet and Mac’s, the Diamond was swam out but got eaten off buy a big fish. We not sure what it was. Another Huge 6kg Shad was landed during the day, Saturday and Sunday was fairly quiet on the beach with mainly little Spinners and Blacktip’s coming-out.

Ski Boat.

We took 2 guys out from Middle Burg on a Charter on Friday and they were well rewarded with 9 Species of fish. Javelin or Morph Grunter, Slinger, Soldier, Cat Faced Rockcod, Squaretail Cob, Rubber Lip, Cave Bass, Yellow Belly Rockcod and a Dane of 1.5kg. No gamefish were caught over the weekend that we know off. Needless to say the surf conditions changed on Sunday so we never went out.

Next events.

Umlalazi Ski Boat club is planning to hold a Bottom Fishing Competition in August                                                                                                                              , more detail to follow.


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