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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 25 May 2018

Fishing Report 25 May 2018

Weather for the weekend.


This afternoon there will be a moderate breeze at 7m/s bringing rain this evening. Max temp 22. Wave height 1.7m period 15

High Tide 13.21 Low 19.23


Partly cloudy today with a light breeze at 3 m/s from the SW swinging in the afternoon to a S again at 3 m/s. Max temp 22. Wave height 1.6 period 14.

High Tide 01.41 Low 14.05


Rain early in the morning clearing up to a sunny day. The day starts with a gentle breeze at 4 m/s from the SW dropping to light air at 1 m/s from the SE. Max temp 21. Wave height 1.5 period 12.

High Tide 02.20 Low 08.32


Coming into to spring during low tide there are mud banks sticking out of the water like I have never seen before, this is good so you can spot the channels, I am going to try get some pics this afternoon. We coming into winter season which means time to target big Cob and Garrick especially around the stone wall area. The Malabar Rockcod should also be making an appearance in numbers as well as the big River Bream.


This week was brilliant for eds on the main beach with nice catches of Cob, Shad and Snapper Cob been made , however typical Friday the dam South came through to ruffle things up abit however all is not lost as it is not very strong and the surf will settle this evening and remain so over the weekend. Some Garrick hunters have arrived this afternoon and I will keep tabs on them and let you know how they get on.

Ski Boat.          

It was a great week for fishing this week with good bottom catches been made, unfortunately the game fish were not in feeding mode and only 1 Tuna was caught, the same boat did 2 trips looking for game fish, they did get smashed by something on a live pinky, they think it was a fish as opposed to a shark as they got a glimpse of it. These weekend might see the sea a bit unsettled with Sunday being the best day to venture out.

News from the Shop

Umlalazi Ski Boat club is planning to hold a Bottom Fishing Competition in August                                                                                                                              , more detail to follow.

We are planning to hold a Kiddies clinic 2 June at 14H00 o 16H00 in the main Car Park.

Winner takes all will walk away with a river Rod combo.



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