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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 21 May 2018

Fishing Report 21 May 2018

Weather for the week.


Light breeze first thing from the WNW at 2 m/s Sunny at first becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon when the wind swings to a gentle breeze from the SSW. Max temp 24. Wave height 1.1 period 8.     

High Tide 09.24 Low 02.59


Light breeze at 2 m/s from the NW swinging to a gentle breeze from the NE in the afternoon. Max temp 24 with sunshine all day. Wave height 1.9 period 16.

High Tide 11.05 Low 04.51


Light breeze in the morning from the WSW at 2 m/s swinging slightly to a gentle breeze at 4 m/s from the SW. Rain forecast in the afternoon with a max temp of 23. Wave height 1.5 period 17

High Tide ---- Low 06.16


The Lagoon was back to its normal levels by Saturday although the water was still very muddy it has cleaned up a lot and the Cob on the main beach will be going back to look for food like they did just before the storm.


The surf settled over the weekend and has got it color back and is fishing a storm mainly eds being Snapper and Squaretail Cob. There are rats and mice to keep you occupied while waiting for the Cob to arrive. Today the water is very clean and a good time to start looking for Garrick using plugs and spoons.

Ski Boat.

The water in the bay is stunning and so are the conditions starting from Yesterday and going on into the week, tomorrow is looking good. On Sunday we had a very short charter, we were done within a hr. and a half, which is from launch till trailer. Reason being the guests had caught what they wanted and had just started chumming when they opted to come back instead of try sit it out. One of the guests was from Turkey and spoke almost no English however we can know say our boat can fish in Turkish, fishing is fishing in any language, as soon as he got the hang of our style of fishing he was a for away. I think a good day was had by all and they took a lot of fish away mainly Square tail Cob. I am not aware of anyone catching any game fish. We tried but no luck.

Next events.

Umlalazi Ski Boat club is planning to hold a Bottom Fishing Competition in August                                                                                                                              , more detail to follow.

We are planning to hold a Kiddies clinic 2 June at 14H00 o 16H00 in the main Car Park.

Winner takes all will walk away with a river Rod combo.

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