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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 26 April 2018

Fishing Report 26 April 2018

Weather for the weekend.


Moderate breeze from the NNE a 6 m/s swing to a gentle breeze at 4m/s from the NE by the afternoon, max temp 31 with clear skies. Wave height 1.3, period 7.

High Tide 01.28 Low 07.43


Moderate breeze at 6m/s from the SSW and by early afternoon this swings to a gentle breeze at 5 m/s from the SSE. Max temp 24 partly cloudy. Wave height 1.7 dropping to 1.4, period 6.

High Tide 02.11 Low 08.23


LB first thing from the N at 3m/s swinging to a gentle breeze from the ENE at 4m/s. Max temp 28 and partly cloudy, rain is forecast for the evening and through the night. Wave height 1.4 dropping to 1.1 period 10.

High Tide 02.47 Low 08.57


Moderate breeze as 7 m/s from the SW with rain forecast in the morning the wind dropping to a light breeze at 3m/s in the early afternoon. Overcast all day with rain forecast in through the night. Max temp 21. Wave height 1.8 dropping to 1.6, period 10

High Tide 03.21 Low 09.30


Light breeze at 3 m/s from the SSE with some rain in the morning swinging to a light breeze in the afternoon from the SE at 3 m/s. overcast for the day with a max of 22. Wave height 1.7 rising to 2.3, period 10.

High Tide 03.52 Low 10.00


Light breeze at 4m/s from the N swinging to a moderate breeze early afternoon to a NE at 6 m/s. Partly cloudy with a max temp of 26. Wave height 2.5 dropping to 2.3 period 14.

High Tide 04.22 Low 10.30



With there been no rain recently the water is as clean as it gets which results in more fish activity, if you have a boat a visit to the Stone wall area is a must. Last weekend while fishing from a Fish Ski with 3 Strike Pros been trawled slowly the angler got a triple up of cob, on 3 different lures, he managed to bring all 3 in and judging from the pics they looked about size, all 3 were released. They were caught on the bend in the main car park. Another good spot producing well is the Steel Bridge area and this can be accessed from the river bank as well. For bigger fish, fish very early in the morning or late into the evening. We are told Red Heart Rum in large quantities keeps mosquitos away and to think of it everything else including your wife. Have fun and enjoy the weekend.


There are lots of baby Grey Sharks in the surf zone, please be gentle with these guys and carry them and handle them upside down, please do not carry them by the tail, they are not hand bags, there skeletons are not build to be out of water. They are feeding on the same food as the Edibles are that you are trying to catch so if you hook some of these fellas you are fishing in the right spot, ie you are in a “feeding zone”. A visitor a few days ago fishing in the sea for the first time caught one and was so happy especially as it was on his new rod and reel, they arrived and fist fished with hand lines before upping their game to rod and reel, we stock very affordable combinations of rod and reel for customers like them, I have not seen them since Wednesday evening but I know yesterday they were going to catch Shad, I hope they did. The surf is looking good and should hold out till at least Monday when we expect a side wash to pick up on the afternoon incoming tide, it will be fishable but with a grapnel sinker (the price per sinker will then go up to R76.00 each or 2 for R400.00 hahahaha not going to happen). Port Dunford is fishing up a storm at the moment with Shad been landed from 2-5kg we have a map and it will be worth spending a day there.


Ski Boat.

The first 3 days of the weekend will be good deep sea fishing conditions however you may have to beach launch or truck to Richards Bay, the smaller boats should be able to go out the mouth very very early if you know the channels, there may be sum scrumming involved so it is advisable to have a prop (no pun intended) or to as your crew. We have had 4 days of little or no wind and the sea has got good colour, the guys that went out caught plenty of bottoms but no game fish but that is the way the cookie crumbles but in saying that they both fished the bay area and the water was still discolored.

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