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Fishing Report 16 April 2018

Fishing Report 16 April 2018

Weather for the week.


Light breeze first thing at 2 m/s from the SE and remains that for most of the day. Partly cloudy with a max of 23. Wave height 1.2 period 10.

High Tide 03.56 Low tide 10.05


Light breeze from the N at 3m/s swinging to a gentle breeze from the NE in the early afternoon, partly cloudy with a max temp of 26. Wave height 1.5 period 16.

High Tide 04.28 Low 10.36


Moderate breeze from the NE at 6 m/s settling to a gentle breeze at 5m/s by the afternoon, max temp 28 and partly cloudy. Wave height 2 dropping to 1.6 period 16.

High Tide 05.02 Low 11.12


Rain forecast all day with a light air first thing from the WSW slowly swinging to a fair breeze SSW at 8m/s. Cloudy all day max temp 24. Wave height 1.6 building up to 2 with a period of14 dropping to 10.

High Tide 05.37 Low 11.47


Not many people do this but taking a trip to Jozini Dam to catch Tiger Fish almost a must do, there is a Parks Bard Camp site near the border post and if you do not have a boat you can fish from the side whilst sitting watching the local wild life, the camp site is unfenced and clean and tidy. There are various lodges with access to the dam and the eastern side has 2 big heard of Elephants wondering about, great to see them from the safety of a boat. My lagoon informants have not reported anything that happened at the lagoon except for a big digger that got stuck in the swamp near the slipway.


Surf was very quiet over the weekend despite the side wash slowing down and the water colour coming back. Again my informants have nothing to report, however when they wake up I will add any information. This week is looking good for fishing especially in the afternoon with the incoming tide.

Ski boat.

Not many fished this weekend however yesterday in spite of the rain fishing for bottoms proved good and the closest one of the boats got to game fish was having a Black Tip take the trap stick on 2 different occasions the first one after a few jumps threw the hook and the second gave one of the anglers gears and had them guessing what it was as it did not break water till it was next to the boat, it was safely released. As Leon said “I must have caught every Barbell in the sea “ besides being plagued by Barbells where ever they went they did manage to get some nice big Cob, Cat Face Rockcod., Slinger, Cave Bass and a Englishmen all of the fish were nice and big.

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