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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 6 April

Fishing Report 6 April 2018

Weather for the weekend.


Misty first thing this morning with a light breeze from the NW at 2 m/s picking up to a gentle breeze by early afternoon from the ESE. Max temp 28. Wave height 1.5 period 10.

High Tide 06.40 Low 00.32


Gentle breeze for most of the morning at 5 m/s WSW and early afternoon it swings to a light breeze from the ESE at 3 m/s. Max Temp 27. Wave height 1.4 period 9.

High Tide 07.12 Low 01.04


Rain forecast all day, a fresh breeze at 8m/s from the SSW in the morning drooping slightly in the afternoon with the change in wind direction to a moderate breeze SSW. Max temp 23. Wave height 1.6 rising to 2 period 8.

High Tide 08.01 Low 01.47


Judging by the bait sales one thing for certain is we have a lagoon full of fat fish, we suspect this will make them harder to land as they will be sluggish and nice and fat. There is a lot of Species been caught from various spots? There is still a relatively strong tidal difference which means the river mouth is nice and deep which we believe results in bigger fish entering the estuarine system and we would recommend fishing the Stone Wall area on the incoming tide. The fish should be thinner there and give a good fight.


Edibles are been caught from the usual spots however for the non ed guys it has been a tough week as there seems to be none about , not even a Diamond. The main Diamond Season is over however there are some that remain and are caught throughout the year and Murphy’s Law when you get that nice juicy mullet out looking for a Garrick along will come a Diamond. This time of the year is good for the big Shad/Elf, they have a strange way of taking bait so you must hold your rod and be quick.


Ski Boat.

So its SHOOOOOOOOOW time this weekend time for the eagerly awaited Couta Classic and if everything goes like it did last weekend with Couta caught by 2 different boats on Sunday and Monday we are going to have a great Classic, the Toll gate on the way to Gerries is fully functional after the strike and will be manned ( remainder toll fees have gone up and it will be R8.00 the same as the village off ramp) the alternate route via Yellow Rope has potholes for the last 5km otherwise the route looks good. Conditions are looking good for Saturday and we suspect the boats will take advantage of this and stay out for as long as possible. There will be congestion at the back line and the Beach Control will do their best to get you in as fast as possible there will be 2 tractors on the beach to assist. Safety takes priority over a fish missing the weigh in always has been like that and will remain as such.

Next events.

Next monthly mug will be on the 1 April at the Umlalazi Ski Boat Club.

Umlalazi Ski Boat Club Couta classic 7-8 April 2018.


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