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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 23 March 2018

Fishing Report 23 March 2018

Weather for the weekend.


Rian forecast all day with a max temp of 20. Gentle breeze from the ESE 4 m/s to start with then swings to an E at 2 m/s. Wave height 2.2 period 11.

High Tide 07.10 Low 00.49


Light breeze from the North 3m/s swinging to an E at 1 m/s. Nice sunny day with a max temp of 29. Wave height 1.9 dropping to 1.4 period 11.

High Tide 08.01 Low 01.33


Day starts with a gentle breeze from the SW at 4 m/s picking up to 6 m/s when it swings to a SSW, max temp 27 with rain forecast in the evening. Wave height 1.4m period 11.

High Tide 09.35 Low 02.43


Mud muddier muddiest enough aid on the situation along the river bank however all is not lost as the weekend brings dry weather. Some notable catches this past week on Artificial ARC Minnow, Shad, Yellow Fin Kingfish, River Gurnard by another Angler same Lure River Snapper and Pickhandle Barracuda all caught from the side in the picnic areas. Will they be on the bite this weekend? Too right they will be. Top producing bait at the moment is Sardine and Prawn.


Black Tips of size are very difficult to land but to catch one by the tail makes it even harder and 2 hrs of hard fighting Rian managed to land a 90.61 kg specimen (ORI) or 177cm precordial. He was assisted by Greg Place, these 2 guys had never met before and Greg very kindly stopped his fishing to assist Rian. Having dragged the shark backwards for such a long time the animal had nearly drowned and great care was given to make sure it was strong enough to swim off on its own, I believe that took quiet a long time as we know the only way to give a shark CPR is to let the waves do it for you. Taking care of the animal is a responsible thing to do as sometimes they can wash p further down the beach and they can die. When handling a big shark please try do so with the animal upside down or at least on its side and flip it on its tummy for a quick pick. Sharks have no structure in their bodies to protect their internal organs also if you flip a shark on its back while still in the water it goes to “sleep” and is easier to handle, no gaff required. This particular Black Fin was not gaffed.

Ski Boat.

This week we had last year’s Couta Classic sneak into town on Tuesday morning to come and have a recce to see where the best Couta spots are, I know where he went and what the results were, these are highly classified and a EFT of sizable amounts will lead to the information been divulged however been the kind of guy I am I shall save you a lot of money, they did not manage to catch a Couta….. On Sunday Koekoes is going out and the results are already in, dropped a 40kg Couta behind the wreck, added an anchor to Yellow Rope dropped a Couta on the way to Gerries and 3 more at Pats after a hard day on the water they returned to the club and washed their throats to get rid of all the salt from shouting at the fish they lost. So according to the skipper of Koekoes Sunday looks like the best day of the weekend to go try your luck and practice Couta fishing.

Next events.

Next monthly mug will be on the 1 April at the Umlalazi Ski Boat Club.

Umlalazi Ski Boat Club Couta classic 7-8 April 2018.

Kiddies Clinic 31 March from 14h00 to 16H00 in the main car park.


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