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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 16 March 2018

Fishing Report 16 March 2018

Weather for the weekend.


Blow out and wash out, pop into the shop and guess what new products we have hahahaha or service your tackle boxes and tie traces, we call that play, play fishing that is about as good as it will get fishing wise. Not pleasant on the beach right now.

High Tide 03.28 Low 09.31


Moderate S first thing then swings to an E at 7 m/s. Max temp 23. Wave height 2.9 settling to 2.2 by the afternoon, period 9.

Rain forecast in the early hours clearing up shortly after sunrise.

High Tide 03.55 Low 09.59


Partly cloudy with a light air breeze at 1 m/s blowing WSW and around midday this swings to a gentle E 4 m/s. Wave height 2.2 period 11.

High Tide 04.24 Low 10.29


Again too little rain to discolor the water so nothing to worry about for the water conditions, we coming to new moon spring which will result in a big tidal movement , my choice of spot will be fishing the Stone wall area on the incoming tide, using bait and artificials.


We often get asked when the Diamonds are going to go away………..they don’t as such ask the Garrick Fisherman who spend hours netting a few mullet only to have Diamonds gobble them up. Here is my theory, they are here throughout the year but not in big numbers, they seem to start to congregate in big numbers from November (This is where we catch them in the lagoon more than the beach for some reason) gradually building up to the numbers we see in January and February, they hang around till about now before thinning out also the warm water has an effect on them and they move out into the bay. Yes you will catch them this long weekend but remember the other flat fish are still here. We suspect we going to have a early Garrick season due to the fact of the amount of big Dusky Cob being caught already, they usually go Hand in Hand. The big Shad are still here and will be for the next few months.

Ski Boat.

Today and tomorrow are clearly not suitable days to be at sea however we have a Charter booked for Sunday with some die hard anglers and we are going to try go out, at the moment the swell does not look to clever but who knows, gut feel says it will drop below 2m (we do not charter in over 2m swell, safety before money)

Next events.

Next monthly mug will be on the 1 April at the Umlalazi Ski Boat Club.

Umlalazi Ski Boat Club Couta classic 7-8 April 2018.

Kiddies Clinic 31 March from 14h00 to 16H00 in the main car park.

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