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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 9 March 2018

Fishing Report 9 March 2018

Weather for the weekend.


Partly cloudy with some rain forecast in the evening, max temp 25. Wind is a fresh breeze from the SW at 9m/s swinging to a gentle breeze at 5 m/s before the rain. Wave height 3m dropping to 2.5 period 13.

High Tide 07.53 Low 01.36


Partly cloudy with a max temp of 29. Wind is from the NE with light air at 2 m/s picking up to a moderate breeze at 7m/s late morning for the remainder of the day. Wave height 2 period 13.

High Tide 08.56 Low 02.25


Partly cloudy with some rain forecast in the evening with a max temp of 32. Wind is a moderate breeze of 7 m/s for most of the day. Wave height 2m dropping to 1.6 period 12.

High Tide 11.51 Low 05.01


The rain we were went to have did not happen which is good news for the river Angler but bad news for the Farmer, this means the water has not discolored and we all good to go.  We often get asked why people are catching fresh water Barbell in the lagoon, my thoughts are is they get washed over the weir and been such hardy fish they adapt to the salinity and have an abundant food source so they do not climb out of the lagoon and look for fresh water as they are known to migrate over land, as for the Tilapia they are also able to adapt to the salinity and can be found as far as the mouth, I think they wash over the weir and unlike the barbell who are mobile they have to stay and adapt to their knew environment. Did you know the Tilapia are masters in camouflage and can adapt their colour to suit their surroundings, next time you catch one put it in a bucket and see what happens.


Diamonds are still feeding in the surf zone as well as some decent size edibles, a fine Shad was caught at Doggies and I estimate it to be about 4kg (actual weight 3.79 kg ORI 66cm), awaiting more detail from the Angler. These big Shad have been around for over a month and if last year is to go buy, they will here till about July over lapping nicely with Garrick and Dusky Cob season (the Dusky’s are here already as the water is cold for this time of the year). It seems as though the colder than usual water temperatures has caused the Diamonds to feed more……..just thinking out allowed.

Ski Boat.

Cape to Rio comp run by the Amatikulu Ski Boat Club starts this morning at Cape Vidal and although we have a South wind blowing with sunny skies I just hope they are not effected and can get a decent days fishing in, a total of 91 anglers or 31 Boats have entered. Tight lines to them, this does not leave many Deep Sea Anglers in town hahahaha so as a consequence we don’t expect to see much activity at the club or out to sea. Yesterday the water looked good but has decolored somewhat after the South came through last night, this is not to say the bay is unfishable. News in from Vidal, last night they had Thunderstorms with plenty of rain, not good for fishing today,

Next events.

Next monthly mug will be on the 1 April at the Umlalazi Ski Boat Club.

Umlalazi Ski Boat Club Couta classic 7-8 April 2018.

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