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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 2 March 2018

Fishing Report 2 March 2018

Weather for the weekend.


Partly cloudy with a max temp of 27. Moderate Easterly 7m/s. Wave height 1.1 period 9

High Tide 04.10 Low 10.50


Partly cloudy with a max temp 29. A fair NE breeze at 4 m/s picking up to a breeze at 8 m/s by midday. Wave height 1.3 picking up to 1.8 period 8.

High Tide 04.45 Low 10.50


Sunny at first becoming partly cloudy in the early afternoon max temp 30. Gentle NE breeze at 4 m/s picking up to a moderate ENE breeze at 6m/s by midday. Wave height 1.8m period 9.

High Tide 05.19 Low 11.23


Water not looking to shabby and with spring passing there will be a big tidal difference which is great for drift baiting. All or the lagoon River Snapper and Pickhandle Handle Barracuda have been caught, Size Grunter and River Bream are best caught early morning and late evening.


The Diamonds are still about in numbers and one of the tricks to make sure you all get one is to spread it as soon as one guy goes flat all run to where he is and lob a bait in, they swim in shoals and voila you all go flat, makes a nice pic to see 4 guys bent “sand banking” (as I call it as it looks like at 4 guys are trying to pull a sand bank closer.) Edibles are plenty that is why the Diamonds are in the surf zone, it is about who gets to them the quickest. As I said to a friend of mine if you don’t want to catch a Diamond use bread. For some reason the St Lucia Pest or Tigger fish has reared its ugly fin on the main beach, if you don’t want to catch one use a 3 o or bigger hook. Here is a tip from Craig, stuff a chokka with Sard and slide it, keeps the peckers away from the Sard.

Ski Boat.

Monthly mug on Sunday conditions are looking good all day. The water is blue and with the NE blowing this should remain throughout the weekend. Skippers briefing at 6pm on Saturday evening at the club. Lines in at first light, scales open at 2pm and close at 3.30 prize giving at 4.45. Fires will be lit at 3.30. In the event of incumbent weather the comp will revert to a River only comp. River entrants will be eligible up to third prize. Entry fee is 50 per angler payable at registration. The tractor will be at the beach, a time will be confirmed at the briefing. Trailers to be dropped off on the beach for your own account.

Next events.

Next monthly mug will be on the 4 March at the Umlalazi Ski Boat Club.

Umlalazi Ski Boat Club Couta classic 7-8 April 2018.

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