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Fishing Report 13 February 2018

Fishing Report 13 February 2018

Weather for the week.


SW swing to a SE early afternoon gusting 10 by the evening. Max temp28. Barometer steady at 1017. Wave height 1.4 period 12.

High tide 02.55 Lowe tide 08.51


NE gusting 8 then swings to an E gusting 20 by the evening. Max temp 29. Barometer 1016 dropping to 1009. Wave height 1.5 period 11.

High Tide 03.24. Low Tide 09.52.


NE with a bit of rain forecast first thing, wind gusting 19 and starts dropping throughout the day. Max temp 33. Barometer 1005 dropping to 1001.Wave Height 1.6 period 8.


People fishing with light tackle are having a ball catching a variety of Species however I very big River Bream was caught almost as big as the one on the wall in the shop. River Snapper are also on the bite, they take a variety of baits and tend to be ambush feeders so fishing for them around some structure will give you a better chance of hooking one of the fierce fighters. Baby Honey Comb Rays are still here and give a good account of themselves, please do not turn them over (you can damage their internal organs) when taking the hook out. If you don’t have a boat one of the best spots to fish is to the right of the main car park


Diamonds are still been targeted in the main and they are been caught by the ton, hot spot over the weekend was Port Dunford area, producing more than the banks. For the guys who are not keen on Diamonds you stand a better chance of avoiding the by sticking to the main beach however this will on reduce the chances of hooking a Diamond they are everywhere especially if it is hot and humid. Some very Nice Dusky Cob are being caught together with Shad in the 2-4 Kg range, be patient. Remember if your spot is not working try walking up and down around your area to find where the fish are feeding, as I say if you catching little black tips you fishing in the feeding zone, hang in there.

Ski Boat.

Sea colour is looking good as it the wave height for this week, early morning sessions before the wind picks up is a must if you have a few days off work. This weekend nobody went out that we know of some we don’t know what happened in the local waters.

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