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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 2 February 2018

Fishing Report 2 February 2018

Weather for the weekend.


From midafternoon we have an E blowing at 9kts but early evening this will swing round to a full blown SW Buster gusting 32 bringing rain with it. Tie down your tents, this down poor will be heavy for about a hr. Max 38 Barometer 1000-1008, wave height 1.6m period 14.


SW gusting 21 dropping throughout the day with rain forecast from midmorning to midafternoon, these will be light showers. Max temp 24. Barometer 1014 rising to 1015 before dropping to 1013. Wave height 2.6m dropping to 1.8m period 8.


Day starts off with an E swinging to a NE then back to an Easterly gusting 5 rising to 13kts by early afternoon. Max temp 26. Barometer 1011 dropping to 1007. Wave height 1.6 period 9.



After the big storm on Tuesday morning which saw localized flooding, the result was a very dirty River, this has started to settle and should bring the fish on the bite in time for the weekend. We due a Storm tonight let’s hope it does not bring too much mud down.



We have some clubs up here from far away fishing the local waters, welcome to Kokstad Rock and Surf Angling club tight lines. We hear that the water is dirty on the banks let’s hope the North that is blowing now cleans it up for the weekends fishing, the banks does not fish well in dirty water but for some reason the main beach and Port Dunford areas do. Please see the report from Wicked Stix I add to the page. Diamonds a popping.

Ski Boat.

Nothing to report from this week however the monthly mug is going to happen on Sunday as there is a good window until lunch time.

News from the shop.

We have no Mackerel until about the 12 Feb.

Upcoming Events

Monthly mug on the 4 Feb if the surf is up we will convert it to a River comp only. River boats can enter but will only be eligible for 3rdprize (first and Second prize reserved for the ski boats). Lines in 5 am cut off 2pm prize giving 3pm.

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