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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 26 January 2018

Fishing Report 26 January 2018

Weather for the weekend.


Stunning morning so far no wind at all however by about midmorning we expect the NE to be gusting 11 and early afternoon it swings to an E gusting 22. Max temp 31, Barometer 1012 dropping to 1008. Wave height 1.5 period 12. Sadly this is the best fishing day for the weekend because tomorrow………..


NE gusting 21 for most of the morning then at the onset of the S early afternoon sees the wind drop to 16 and the S remains with us for the rest of the weekend. Max temp 33. Barometer 1006-1003. Wave height 1.6 period 11.


SE gusting 26 with a smittering of rain forecast mid-morning. Max temp 26. Barometer 1009 rising to 1012 (A good fishing Barometer) wave height 2.2 period 7.


It is time for another clinic at the lagoon, although we aim it at the little fellas all are welcome especially if you looking for tips, the little guys will show you. Tomorrow we are going to focus on drift baits and float fishing. We will be teaching them about the methodology behind using a drift bait verse a sinker bait.



 Don’t try not catch a Diamond because you will get one, they are taking literally any bait. One angler said to me when they see an angler coming over the dune they start flapping out of the water. Besides Diamonds, very big Honey Comb Rays and Giant Guitar fish were caught last weekend and into this week. We are expecting a lot of flat fish to be caught over this weekend. Conditions may not be perfect but they certainly good enough to get a stretch or 2 going. Edibles, mostly Shad and Snapper are been caught with the odd Pompano, these are been caught on Chokka Sard or Chokka prawn combo’s and the good old Shad chomping away at anything.

Ski Boat.

Last night 2 boats too advantage of the conditions and went for a night fish, both are not back yet but we suspect they were on the fish, apart from this morning the weather does no look too good for Deep Sea fishing, tomorrow from about 2pm the South comes through for the rest of the weekend.

Upcoming Events

Monthly mug on the 4 Feb if the surf is up we will convert it to a River comp only. River boats can enter but will only be eligible for 3rd prize (first and Second prize reserved for the ski boats).

Kiddie’s clinic to be held on the 27th at the main carpark at the lagoon area followed by a Bring and Braai at the lappa in the ski boat club. Clinic starts at 14H00 till 16H00, prize giving at 16H30 in the Lappa.

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