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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 22 January 2018

Fishing Report 22 January 2018

Weather for the week


NE swing to an E gusting 18 by the evening. Max temp 30. Barometer 1012 dropping to 1007 by the evening. Wave height 2.3 period 13.


NE all day picking up to 26 by the evening, rain is forecast during the night. Max temp 33. Barometer 1007 dropping to 999.Wave height 2.3, period 12.


Day starts off with an N then swings to a W before settling as a SE gusting 7. Max temp 28 with rain forecast in the evening. Barometer 1005 rising to 1007 before dropping off to 1004. Wave height 2, period 11.


SE gusting 13 then swinging to a S during the early part of the afternoon gusting 15. Max temp 28. Barometer 1010 dropping to 1008. Wave height 2m Period 14.



The lagoon is a breeding ground for a numerous species of fish and I have noticed that quite a few people, as can be seen by the photos do what we call “Species Hunting”. Here are some records to consider, 8 different species caught in a row (this is going to take some beating) 14 different species in one session (includes a fresh water barbell, they sometimes get washed over the weir) so next time you go fishing, think like a fish and see how many different species you can get, here is another, 4 different types of King Fish in one session.


From Friday till yesterday fishing was epic, on Friday night one team got 3 tons of Diamond Rays another 1 ton, Saturday continued much in the same vein as did yesterday. Besides Diamonds was a nice Eagle Ray caught on the main beach and a good size Giant Guitar Fish on the Banks and some Brown Rays. On the Edible side the main catches were Snapper Cob and Shad not many Pompano about yet both Long Fin and Spotted. (There are a lot of small Long Fin Pompano about but not edible size). We expect this to continue into the week making it week 3 of good fishing. Mackerel are like Rocking horse droppings at the moment so stock up when you can, we are doing our best to try secure stock, what I got on Thursday was sold before I even got them hahahahahahaha.


Ski Boat.

With the way the weather held up Saturday and Sunday were good Days to launch however most of the boats opted to go on Sunday for some reason the weather channels were showing swell of 3m in a NE wind it was like really, the NE flattens the sea and today the sea is like a pond. Game fish were there for those that targeted them, 4 Tuna, 5 Couta and 1 Natal Snoek were boated. So the game fish are here, not sure what the boats got that came down from Richards Bay. Bottoms were abundant as usual with every one targeting them getting their share. Going forward this week we expect much of the same.


Upcoming Events

Monthly mug on the 4 Feb if the surf is up we will convert it to a River comp only. River boats can enter but will only be eligible for 3rdprize (first and Second prize reserved for the ski boats).

Kiddie’s clinic to be held on the 27th at the main car park at the lagoon area followed by a Bring and Braai at the lappa in the ski boat club. Clinic starts at 14H00 till 16H00, prize giving at 16H30 in the Lappa.

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