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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 19 January 2018

Fishing Report 19 January 2018

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 25 late afternoon, max Temp 32 (feels about 40) Wave Height 1.9m but the wind is forecast to drop this evening for those who want to do some night fishing.


NE gusting 8 then early in the afternoon the wind swings to an E gusting 18 by the evening. Max temp 31. Barometer 1008 dropping to 1006. Wave height 1.9 period 12.


NE gusting8 then again swings to an E in the midmorning gusting 15 by the evening. Max temp 3329. Barometer 1011 dropping to 1009. Wave height 2.4 period 14.



With the NE blowing into the North bank makes fishing off the side tough. For the guys with boats there are plenty of spots to hide away on the South bank, why not chance your arm and go fish near the stone wall and closer to the mouth a mullet in the right spot is bound to guarantee a Diamond or 2.



Today being day 3 of NE and everybody is stuck in the office, typical. The water colour is patchy from Dark to light brown with a bit of blue in the back line. Fishing for Non Eds must be high on the agenda especially at Port Dunford, Siyayi and The Banks. In amongst the Diamonds there will be Shad, Snapper Cob and Pompanos etc. as this is what they feed on, try casting in front of the shore break where the fish can hide.


Ski Boat.

Sunday looks good with a small window on Saturday morning early, the NE has coloured the water however if the same pattern emerges as last week we should see the colour line in the bay tomorrow and Sunday, at the moment the water is very patchy.


Upcoming Events

Monthly mug on the 4 Feb if the surf is up we will convert it to a River comp only. River boats can enter but will only be eligible for 3rdprize (first and Second prize reserved for the ski boats).

Kiddie’s clinic to be held on the 27th at the main car park at the lagoon area followed by a Bring and Braai at the lappa in the ski boat club. Clinic starts at 14H00 till 16H00, prize giving at 16H30 in the Lappa.

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