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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 2 January 2018

Fishing Report 2 January 2018

Weather for the week.


SW gusting 22 for most of the day but by later afternoon the wind swings to an S and drops to 12kts. Max temp 26 Barometer 1010 rising to 1013. Wave height 2.7 m and drops slowly throughout the day, period 9


W gusting 9 then swings to an S gusting 11 by midafternoon. Max temp 26, Barometer 1015 rising to 1017. Wave height 1.6m dropping to 1,4m period 10


W gusting 4 then swings to a NW gusting 3 kts for most of the morning till the E setting in midafternoon gusting 17. Max temp 26. Barometer 1018 dropping to 1012. Wave height 1.3 period 9.

At last we have our first week for ages where the barometer is sitting above the magical number of 1013, great fishing weather ahead for all fascist this week.



The baby Honeycomb Rays are back as well as the Pickhandle Barracuda (these fells are mostly the cause of been bitten off) Artificials are working well for River Snapper, look out for some structure and plug (excuse the pun) away at it. Bait Prawn is still the top bait us whole ones on a 3or 4/0 hook try present your bait as natural as possible and fish in deep holes during the day and the sand banks at night.


Great excitement been had chatting about the Big Bull shark that tipped the scales at over 230kg, this was caught after a 2 hr. fight and safely released, not how close to the water edge the fish was handled, if you releasing fish handle them as close to the water’s edge as possible to give it a better chance of survival. The area North of Richards Bay is producing big Raggies amongst other fish like the Giant Guitar Fish meanwhile our beach is producing a lot of small sharks and the odd diamond but edibles seem to be a bit scarce even the Shad are hiding, they will be back.

Ski Boat.

Due to the tide times most boats have been launching from Richards Bay, the fishing has been good there, Marlin been boated in good numbers as well as other Game Fish as well as a good variety of Bottoms. The Northern section seems to be producing the goods. Our Bay still has Tuna andDorado but no Couta yet, this time last year we were catching the odd Couta but a lot of Queen Mackerel as well.

News from the shop.

Tomorrow exactly 1 year ago we opened our shop with 73 line items, to date we have sold and still have stock of over 600, big thanks to all Anglers for support and suggestion’s. So tomorrow we going to share our birthday and over 10% of your spend, come in and sing happy birthday to the shop.

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