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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 26 December 2017

Fishing Report 26 December 2017

Weather for the week.


Rian forecast in the morning, clearing by midday. SW at 19knts swinging to a SE by afternoon with the wind dropping to 10kts. Max temp 24. Barometer 1018 dropping slightly to 1017. Wave height 2.3m dropping to 1.9 period 11.


NE 11kts rising to 24kts by evening. Max temp 29. Barometer dropping throughout the day, meaning good fishing day from 1015 to 1004, the biggest drop is early morning so take advantage of that. Wave height 1.5 period 11.


NE first thing then swings to a SW 18 by evening with rain forecast in the evening. Max temp 25. Barometer 1006 rising to 1009. Wave height 1.4 dropping to 1.1m period 8.


We are having mixed reports about what is biting at the lagoon, from some people catching nothing to some catching a lot. If an area is not working move to another spot till you find a working area, if you do not have a boat walk along the trial towards the river mouth and whilst on the trial you will come to spots where you can fish from. If your bait is coming back with mud on it is because you are fishing in an area with silt, float your bait either from the top or bottom up.


Surf has been slow in fact very slow, with side wash and weed to contend with, try move to other spots, with the barometer been as low as it was over the weekend causes the fish to slow down and not feed as much however they must feed. I am led to believe Amatikulu was full of Shad on Friday and Saturday, why not try there.

Ski Boat.

Game fish were scarce over the weekend however yesterday morning a guy on a Jet Ski got 3 decent size Tuna all before 6am. What a lovely Christmas present. On Sunday some very big slinger were caught together with Squaretail Cob. Friday saw big Rockcod boated. One of the boats had a Ragged Tooth Shark pick up a bait on a trap stick and it breached a few times during the fight, not a common occurrence.


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